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As your risk advisory professionals, we provide business risk consulting and tailored insurance programs to ensure your business is adequately protected.

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Areté (Ancient Greek: ἀρετή, romanized: aretḗ) is a concept in ancient Greek thought that, in its most basic sense, refers to 'excellence' of any kind — especially a person or thing's "full realization of potential or inherent function."

Risk advisory and insurance are essential services in today’s uncertain world. Together they allow organisations to protect their assets, minimize financial losses, and unlock your potential for growth. Whether it’s protecting against unforeseen events, building a safety net for new ventures, or minimising your liability, our dedicated risk advisors can help you identify your risk profile and find the right solutions for your unique needs.

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We offer a bespoke risk advisory service for businesses & industry.

Risk Analysis & Client Profiling

We establish a deep understanding of your industry, business and objectives, to profile your risk and understand your expectations and limitations.

Insurance Strategy Development

We develop tailored Risk and Insurance advice to meet your risk profile, risk appetite and insurance coverage requirements.

Strategy & Relationship Management

We negotiate with the insurance market to identify the right insurance solutions for your needs, allowing for an informed and confident decision.

Delivery and Service

We provide an end-to-end service to assist you in placing and managing your insurances including claims strategies and on-going risk and insurance advice.

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Why choose us?

We offer a bespoke risk advisory service for businesses, industry and high net worth individuals. Combining experience, professionalism and industry knowledge we work collaboratively with you in managing your risk and insurance program. We are part of the Ardonagh Group, one the world’s largest independent brokers. The Ardonagh Group is a meeting point for best-in-class entrepreneurial and specialist brands providing the scale and breadth to meet clients needs. In addition we are members of Steadfast, Australasia’s largest insurance broking network. We are a client focused organisation priding ourselves on producing excellent outcomes, as the name Areté suggests.

The Areté Difference - we excellence in:

Client focus.

We establish a deep understanding of our client’s industry, business & objectives, to establish a risk profile and gap analysis.

Planned approach.

We carefully curate your insurance program and risk Management response taking into account your risk exposures – Strategic, Hazard, Financial and Operational.

Competitive edge.

Using our global network and industry connections, we negotiate insurance coverage, services and solutions to meet your needs and achieve sustainable outcomes.

Delivery and service.

We provide an ongoing service to manage your insurance program including reviews, support and advocacy.

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We can work with you to build an insurance package suited to you, chosen from a wide range of providers.
We’ll simplify the process, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re adequately protected.

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